Solving security issues in mobile computing using cryptography techniques — A Survey

Advancements in wireless networking have initiated the idea of mobile computing, where the user does not have to be bound to a fixed physical location in order to exchange any information. The benefits of on-the-move connectivity are many but there exist serious networking and security issues that need to be solved before realizing the full benefits of mobile computing. In this paper, we discuss the securityproblems arising from the technological advances in mobile computing as well as their solution.

Using cryptographic techniques, information can be provided adequate security, over the air. Encryption of data takes place using symmetric or asymmetric cryptography algorithms depending on the area of application and level of security required. The paper presents a comparative survey on AES, DES, IDEA, RC2, BLOWFISH, RSA encrypting algorithms with their advantages and disadvantages over different parameters. Finally, we derive conclusion over security solutions through these algorithms that may be worked upon to enhance the information and network security in future.

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