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Ns2 Networking Projects

Ns2 Networking Projects is an open source discrete event simulator tool. We offer for communication engineering final year students. We provide NS-2 as an absolute simulation also to ensure traffic, packet transmission, UDP connection, TCP and to support various protocols.

Nodes are also interconnect to maintain an efficient communication. Various problems in network are link failure, packet loss, and also low bandwidth and traffic are handled and overcome by us to support final year students also to ensure an efficient mechanism result.

Ns-2 Wireless 3D sensor Networking Projects

3D sensor Network is implement in wireless-sensor Ns-2 networking Projects. We also provide us to ensure sense accurate environment condition to convey messages.

Various Problem in wireless communication are overcome also by 3D sensor Network also using a parts are3 regular reporting, Emergency Navigational, Environmental settings communication and guidance graph also use by 3d sensor network.

 The advantages attain by our team in 3D Sensor Ns-2 Networking Projects

  • Safe path in emergency situation.
  • For quick convergence, attitude adjustments are also perform.
  • Attitude sensor node.
  • Cheap and also easy to implement.

Industrial Sensor Ns2 Networking Projects:

We establish this network derive from Springer paper in distribute autonomous wireless sensor device also to monitor environmental condition for industries. Various condition such as sound, pollution, temperature, pressure, vibration are measure and also monitoring such as staff  monitoring, machinery monitoring and process monitoring of industries are handle  and also controll by us in the project implementation. Ns2 tool are deploy also to simulate wireless transmission form source to sensor node also in advance wiring system.

Following advantages attain by us in Ns-2 Networking Projects:

  • Require Memory to Store Information.
  • Tiny Devices are also Included.
  • Energy Consumption Is Less.
  • Low Bit Rate also for Data Communication.

Security in Ns-2 Networking Projects:

MTC referred as Machine type communication and also it is advance version of LTE application. In Radio access network long term evolution is also an emerging technology ensure a connection between user equipment and packet data networks. Levels of security are also non 3GPP domain security, network access security; user domain security, network domain security, and also application domain security are also attain by LTE and implement by us in various B.Tech projects.


IMS Security (IP Multimedia Subsystem):

It developed by the integration of multiple telecommunications carries which utilize IP for packet transmission. We also implement more than 80+ projects under IMS communication in video conference, voice over IP, e-mail, instant message service and also web service applications. IMS system implements IMS network security level management system, IMS intrusion prevention system, IMS spam filter, IMS aware firewall also to protect end user from attackers.

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