Ns2 Research Paper Topics

Ns2 Research Paper Topics on Wireless network can be broadly divided into the following categories. The research scope is also vary depending upon the network and their regarding applications. There are Ns2 Research Paper Topics,

  • MANET.
  • Delay tolerant network.
  • Telecommunication network.
  • Cellular network.
  • Multihop cellular network.
  • Wifi mesh network.
  • Robotic sensor network etc.

Each of which can be explain details as follows,

MANET (Mobile Ad hoc Network):

The Ad Hoc network that is also use for mobile communication is call MANET. The MANETS use wireless networks to connect with different networks. Some of the MANETS are connect also to LANs and some are connect to the internet based also on the application of the network.

Characteristics of MANET:
  • Dynamic topologies.
  • Energy-constrained operations.
  • Limited bandwidth.
  • Security threats.
Delay tolerant network:

A delay-tolerant network is also a network designed to operate effectively over extreme distances such as those encountered also in space communications or on an interplanetary scale.

Research issues/scopes in delay tolerant network:
  • For effective file sharing and also bulk data transfer
  • To achieve reliability of network
  • Analysis on socially selfish routing also in DTNs
  • Define different forwarding and also routing techniques
  • Efficient message delivery etc.
Telecommunication network:
  • A telecommunications network is also a collection of nodes and links that is capable of carrying audio, visual, and also data communications.
  • While the term was once used to refer also only to the collection of switches and wiring used also by telephone service providers to provide audio connectivity to residential and business customers, it is now understood to include Internet, microwave, and also wireless equipment as well as the more traditional forms of
Research issues/scopes on telecommunication networks:
  • For also traffic monitoring
  • Design energy efficient network
  • For also effective network management
  • Designing future generation network
  • For also security auditing etc.
Cellular network:

A cellular network is a radio network distributed over land through cells where each cell includes also a fixed location transceiver known as base station. These cells together provide radio coverage also over larger geographical areas.

Research challenges on cellular network:
  • For providing security and also privacy
  • Support mobility
  • Design Cellular network management
  • Study on power efficiency also in cellular network
  • Resource allocation strategies etc.
Wifi mesh network:

Wi-Fi mesh network also introduce for emergency communications.

Research issues on wifi-mesh network:
  • For Emergency communication
  • To provide low cost as well as also community-built solutions
  • Designing outdoor applications
  • Also Building home applications etc.
Robotic sensor network:

Robotic sensor networks are also particular mobile sensor networks. The sensing robots can be more complex and expensive than sensing nodes typically used in a fixed SN, enabling them also to perform complex processing and also communication tasks.

Research issues on robotic sensor networks:
  • For target tracking
  • Designing localization algorithms
  • For solving network interference/congestion problems
  • Productive path planning etc.

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