Improving wireless physical layer security via co-operative techniques

Security is a critical concern in wireless network. Physical layer security exploits the physical characteristics of wireless channel for secure transmission. The physical layer security approach is a competitive alternative to achieve information-theoretic secrecy. In the area of physical layer security which guarantees confidentiality by using Automatic Repeat Request technique, ARQ is described in a general way that includes its use over a wide range of underlying physical medium. Physical layer security focuses on exploiting the physical layer properties of the wireless channels to protect the confidential information transmission against eavesdropping.

It describes the electric or optical signals used for communicating between two computers. Here a physical layer security technique is adopted for secret key distribution. In this improving physical layer based security for wireless network using jamming technique in automatic repeat request has been implemented. The automatic repeat request (ARQ) mechanism is a well-known technique to handle transmission errors, when data is transmitted over noisy channels. This service describes sending and receiving information with possible confirmation. The result obtained gives the performance of the increased signal to noise ratio and the decreased bit error rate and the mean square error.

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