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Ns2 Projects for PhD is a discrete event simulation framework. We develop and create several real projects in network area using a pervasive network simulator 2 tools. Also, We offer Ns-2 Projects for PhD-scholars  with various research focus on network communication. We guide and support PhD research scholars to complete their research in network communication. We embed various new protocols and design in PhD Thesis. We handled and support more than 80 + PhD projects and Thesis on NS-2 with low cost in an efficient way.

Event Driven Simulation:

  • We implement event driven simulation based on fixed time interval. Various characteristics of event driven simulation supported by us under academic projects are:
  • At execution time, one (or) more events can be added. New events are stamped with time and add to event list for execution.
  • Every event stamped with occurrence time and stored in event list.
  • We can retrieve (or) remove event from the event list with time stamp.
  • Simulation starts with initial event and it run till event list is to be empty.

Application of  NS2 projects for PhD:

We accomplish the following application of NS2 in our projects

  • New network model designed by NS2 simulation tool.
  • Streaming applications are simulated.
  • It creates simulation for various networks.
  • In disaster area, mobile Ad hoc network are implemented.

Packet Transmission in NS-2 projects for PhD

We maintain packet transmission in various processes. Simulation tool nodes create packets based on the distribution of arrival time and service time. After packet creation, it kept in transmission buffer. Packet header transmits from one node to other node when communication link free among two nodes. Server link header fetches other packet form buffer by First in First out (FIFO) Manner.

PhD Research with Hybrid Network:

We devote hybrid network with PhD research projects by combining different networks such as wireless sensor network with wireless mesh network (or) Ad hoc network. It supports unicast and multicast routing protocol for transmission of packet. Most PhD thesis is developed mainly with hybrid network to improve quality of service in various networks based on IEEE papers. We guide and support you design hybrid network and routing protocols for research candidates.

Ns2 Hybrid Network Projects for PhD Scholars

Ns2 Hybrid Network Projects for PhD Scholars

Cross Layer Model:

We support across layer model in NS-2 to improve a various network performance and network quality factor. Various researches are carried out for cross layer network model between uplink and downlink of OSI model. It is the one of the rising area in network model which provides high quality transmission in network.

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