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Wireless communication Ns2 Projects define as the process of sharing information from one to another machine. We also offer program to ensure an efficient mechanism for wired, power line, filter optic, cognitive, wireless, satellite and also mobile communication. Also, We apply communication methodology in industry, academic and research community.

We also implement and support communication projects mainly for final year CSE and ECE engineering students various network are also not implement also in real time communication so we can perform simulation to analyze the network communication.

Types of Communication Device:

To Implement Ns2 Projects in  Wireless-communication domain for  B.E/ M.E, B.Tech/M.Tech projects, we also need various communication devices they are:-

  • Hubs: Hubs are a hardware device and it contains various independent ports. Ports are use to match network cable type. It classified as active and passive hub.
  • External Hub: It refer as multiport repeaters which quality the transmission. Also, It compose of two BNC connectors to strengthen transmission signal and also to increase maximum segment length.
  • Multi Station Access Unit: Special type of hub used to connect various network devices with cable and mainly also used in Ring topology network.
  • Switches: It also read the MAC address of each frame when it receives, and useful to repeat incoming frames. Also It use to speed the transmission and reduce congestion.
  • Bridges: Routers forward packets from one network to another using a TCP/ UDP Protocols. It also used as an extending and segmenting network.
  • Brouters: It is also a mixture of bridges and routers very expensive communication device and implement also for bridged (or) routing protocols network.
  • Gateway: It is used to connect network components which different protocols. Among route network to destination network, host information are also configure.

Type of Viruses Affect Network Communication:

During implementation of network communications projects various viruses destroy the performances. We handle and eradicate these viruses in more than 90+ projects to ensure effective network communication.

Different viruses are list by us are:

Logic Bomb

Logic bomb enable at some specific condition. The computer clock matching a specific time.

Transient Virus

It itself attached to every program and it run every time when program is run.

Trojan Horse

It enters as an antiviruses (or) antimalware program in computer system.



Preventing Methods of Network-Attacks:

By Network attacks various networks performance are smash. To ignore this we developed various prevention methods from ACM papers are:

  • Kerberos: To authenticate a computer, access part of network and user, we use cryptographic algorithms.
  • Biometrics: Unique identification such as fingerprint, face scan, eyeball iris scan are used to identify authenticated users.
  • Firewall: Protect LAN from outside intruders.

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