EvalVid Download

EvalVid Download – How to download and Install Evalvid in Different platforms?

User can freely download the EvalVid 2.x by also using the below mentioned links:


Various Version of EvalViD Download

Eval-vid 2.01.

Evalvid 2.1

Eval-vid 2.2

Evalvid 2.3

Eval-vid 2.4

Evalvid 2.5

Eval-vid 2.6

Evalvid 2.7

Evalvid 2.7 is the latest version as of 2015.From above mentioned all those versions  can also freely downloaded from the above mentioned links.Catch us on video tutorial also on how to install Evalvid tool and also supporting library functions successfully.

Supporting Platform for EvalVid Download


From that user friendly is that Ubuntu like Linux environment.

Supporting library files of Evalvid 2.7 are:

  • ffmpeg.
  • lifssl.
  • GPAC.

Supporting library files are also all installed after installing EvalVid tool by using the commands in terminal.

Video Demonstration on how to Download and Install Evalid in Ubuntu platform

Guide to step by step in evalvid download and installing different library in ubuntu platform.

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