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Ns2 Projects for CSE

Ns2 Projects for CSE, Computer Network define as the process of interconnecting computer with wired and wireless connection. It compose of various protocols to enhance routing process. Protocols are also need to perform routing in computer network implement by wireless scenarios using network simulator. We offer computer network  in network domain. It supports various numbers of protocols. Also, We support and guide you to implement new innovative ideas.

 TCP/IP NS-2 based PROJECTS For CSE Students.

NS-2 composed of several inbuilt libraries and support various protocols and network topologies such as star, ring, bus, and also hybrid topology to design a both wired and wireless network. We also handle simulation script to design topology and network design for B.Tech/ B.E projects. We also support NS2 with protocol such as TCP and also UDP to perform transmission as packets also from source to destination.

Traffic generators in NS-2:

We also support generator type with NS2 to generate data as packet and also send packet through transport layer protocols. The types of generators mention as:

  • Pareto traffic (Poo traffic)
  • Constant Bit Rate.
  • FTP Traffic.
  • Exponential traffic.


Topology described also as logical (or) Network elements are also arrange virtually. Networks also have different physical interconnection and it may have same topology and connection configuration. We also develop more than 110+ projects in computer engineering also with various topologies and also they are categorize as:

  • Vertical Topologies.
  • Horizontal Topologies.


Vertical Topologies:

We also Support Following Vertical Topologies Networking Projects

Hierarchical Topology:

Hierarchical topology referred as tree topology. It contains a set of node and central node (or) root. Data flow described as up down level and transferred from upper level nodes.

Mesh Topology:

Mesh topology composed of at least two nodes and also more paths are developed among node also in mesh topology.

Horizontal Topologies:

We also Support Following Horizontal Topologies Networking Projects.

Bus Topology:

Every node in network is connected by bus. Stations are joined by interfaces referred as transceivers transmission and also reception in bus topology by the connection among station and AUI.

Ring Topology:

Every node in this topology contains two branches for point to point links. It connected by a repeater as interface. It also provides closed loop connection.

Star Topology:

It has central node perform as switch and all odes are connected to central

Extended Star Topology:

It also connected every single star by central hub (or) switches called as snowflake topology. Multiport repeater ensures workgroup connectivity among topology.

We also support and all types of topology in computer network projects. NS-2 Projects for CSE Students based on IEEE papers.

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