EvalVid Wireless

EvalVid Wireless over the wireless network has received tremendous attention from academe and also industry due to increasing demand of wireless networks.

Challenges faced in wireless IP network:

  • Staying fair to concurrent traffic also on the link.
  • Calculating desired rates from current status and also collect statistics.
  • Differentiating between congestion loss and also link error loss.
  • Transporting network feedback to the sender.
  • Providing stable transmission conditions also for mobile users.
  • Minimizing delay and jitter for real-time applications.
  • Interpreting the feedback and also notifying the transmitting applications.
  • Scaling the multimedia output rate also from the sender.

Architecture of EvalVid Wireless Network


Goals of wireless network:

  • Continue to serve existing mobile user applications.
  • Drive down costs by encouraging competition among wireless product vendors.
  • Define a class of wireless products suitable for computer LANs.

Features of wireless network:

  • Security
  • Mobility
  • Power management
  • Range and throughput
  • Ease of management etc.

Sample Code for EvalVid Wireless Projects

proc mylog { s } {
puts "proc mylog"
set now [ exec date ]
puts stdout "$now $s"
proc alive {} {
puts "proc alive"
global ns opt
set now_r [exec date]
set now_s [$ns now]
puts "$now_r $now_s"
$ns at [expr $now_s + $opt(alive_time)] "alive"
proc hcca-start {} {
puts "proc hcca-start"
global ns qap qsta val opt ;
[$qap getMac 0] start-hcca
for {set i 0} {$i < $val(n)} {incr i} {
[$qsta($i) getMac 0] start-hcca
proc hcca-stop {} {
puts "proc hcca-stop"
global ns qap qsta val opt ;
[$qap getMac 0] stop-hcca
for {set i 0} {$i < $val(n)} {incr i} {
[$qsta($i) getMac 0] stop-hcca

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