About us

Ns2 soft solution is a software development based company which contain innovative and expertise to facilitate complex projects in an efficient way. We offer various broad solution projects for researchers and students to increase demands among other centers and customer centric solution with high standard. We offer various projects under NS2 simulation based on IEEE papers and non IEEE papers. We deploy various NS2 projects as a virtual one in real time application. Ns2 soft solution is a highly experienced team member of developer professionals providing a wide range of complex projects and network protocol simulation.

Our motto:

  • Advance technology enhancement.
  • Make everything possible.
  • Provide service quality for every commitment.

Basic aims of Ns2 soft solution:

  • Providing guidance for students to select the efficient project based on student interest which ensures a success in their projects.
  • We train and make students to learn all the concepts from basic to advance such that students can get a clear idea about the project what they do.
  • Based on project requirements we train students under coding and practical implementation.
  • We help students to prepare for a project viva. We also provide some sample viva question and answers.
  • We guide and help students to prepare their final project report based on their project. We provide a sample report to every student.
  • Student satisfaction with their concept and interest is the main target of NS2 soft solution.

Ns2 soft solution continuously provides significance important to their clients and students. We conduct a regular training for our clients to understand the concept and function about Ns2 in a theoretical and practical way.

Why ns2 soft solution is the right choice?

Every engineering student provides high priority to final year project. Based on final year project most of the students got placed. Priority are designed based on new innovation ideas, advanced technology and application provide more attention among engineering students. More students are selecting their final year projects with new innovative ideas because more IT companies are hiring candidates comb for the innovative project implemented by them. But, more IT companies are not hiring the candidates who are doing the same innovative technology and concept. They require the candidates with a new innovation idea as unique and high qualified application.  For this reason, every student has to complete their project successfully and more inventively. To develop an effective innovative project among others NS2 soft solution is the right choice to be preferred for final year projects.

Our soft solution achieved a rapid growth by providing high quality services in final year projects and research projects to our students and research scholars. This position is attained by fruitful implementation and continuous updating with new innovation technology.

How we prepare Network Simulator projects for students?

  • First we collect a student requirements and concepts.
  • Our expertise team developers analyze the student requirements and concepts.
  • Developers upgrade the requirements and concept to develop an efficient project.
  • Our developers design a project with their concept and requirements.
  • Every project is divided into modules and schedules them to a cyclic process and to deliver an efficient project.
  • Assist every student for their technology development.
  • We support trouble shooting to identify and correct bugs.
  • When modification process is required by trouble shooting, we perform that process.
  • Various performance issues are measured, compared and computed with some metrics.
  • After completion, student provides their project to college.
  • We provide 100% guidance to prepare documentation. We also provide a sample document for documentation.
  • After completion, we aid for the final review.

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