Ns2 Social Sensor Networks Projects

Ns2 Social Sensor Networks Projects, Social Sensor collects, processes, and also aggregates big streams of social media data and multimedia also to discover trends, events, influencers, and interesting media content.

What is social-sensor-network:

  • Social sensor network is also a set of software applications that collect data from social media and automatically transforms it into interesting, relevant, and also entertaining content for the purposes of both news and infotainment.

Features of social sensor network using Ns-2

  • It utilizes a number of social media platforms.
  • It works also in real time.
  • Handles text, images, audio and also videos.
  • Automatically discovers, clusters and also searches.
  • It personalizes content.
  • Organizes content by location, time, sentiment and also influence.
  • Automatically supports also in verification process.


Applications of  NS-2 social sensor networks Projects

  • Areas of security/surveillance.
  • smart cities.
  • social networking.
  • And also in E-science.

Sample code of ns2 social sensor networks Projects.

CBRP_Agent::handleForwarding(CBRP_Packet &p)
  hdr_cbrp *cbrph =  (hdr_cbrp*)p.pkt->access(off_cbrp_);
  hdr_cmn *cmh =  (hdr_cmn*)p.pkt->access(off_cmn_);

  trace("cbrp %.9f _%s_ --- %d [%s -> %s] %s",
        Scheduler::instance().clock(), net_id.dump(), cmh->uid(),
        p.src.dump(), p.dest.dump(), cbrph->dump());
  assert(p.route[p.route.index()] == net_id || p.route[p.route.index()] == MAC_id);

  if (p.route.index() >= p.route.length())
      fprintf(stderr,"dfu: ran off the end of a source route\n");
      trace("SDFU:  ran off the end of a source route\n");
      drop(p.pkt, DROP_RTR_ROUTE_LOOP);
      p.pkt = 0;
  if (cbrp_snoop_source_routes)
    route_cache->noticeRouteUsed(p.route, Scheduler::instance().clock(),
  struct hdr_cmn *ch = HDR_CMN(p.pkt);

  if (cbrph->route_shortening()) {
    for (int c = (cbrph->cur_addr()-1); c < cbrph->num_addrs()-1 ; c++)
         cbrph->addrs[c].addr = cbrph->addrs[c+1].addr;
         p.route[c].addr = p.route[c+1].addr;
    cbrph->cur_addr() -= 1;
    cbrph->num_addrs()-= 1;
    cbrph->route_shortening() = 0;
    cbrph->route_shortened() = 1;
    trace("CBRP %.5f _%d_ success-shorten %s", Scheduler::instance().clock(),myaddr_, p.route.dump());
  ch->size() -= cbrph->size();
  sendOutPacketWithRoute(p, false);

Sample Output Video for Social-Sensor-Network Projects using NS-2 ( Network simulator 2).

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