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Networksimulator2 – Ns2 InfoTech is started by experienced software developers with more than 7 years experience. We aimed only on Ns2 project, simulation model and Ns2 related network simulation projects. Our penetration is to provide consulting with advanced technologies in Ns2 simulation. We develop customized projects for our customers to explain about ns2 process and retrieve an effective model with less cost and maximum accuracy output.  Our Ns2 InfoTech is furnishing with infrastructure for production, model design with dedicated team which enhances Ns2 InfoTech as a precedent among all IT project centers. We handled knowledgeable clients with engineering base who demand efficient, high quality projects and provide affinity with us and determine valuable feedback which used to develop more efficient projects.

NS2 projects

At Ns2 InfoTech, faithful to your success and we regularly enhance our existing projects and propose new innovative ideas projects.  We provide a direct interaction with clients and collect feedback to improve our ideas and organization. Our organization contain more experienced engineers so they well known about the students mind. Based on student convenient and scope we explain detail about domain and projects.  Our team members initially discuss about your requirements. Based on requirements they explain the NS2 projects.

Ns2 is an important first network simulator to simulate various networks. By Ns2 projects, we can analyze various protocol used in network. We can deploy various networks in Ns2 simulation. More innovative real time application projects are also implemented by our team members. More number of network research papers is deal with an ns2 simulation. Our team members are doing a thesis in ns2 simulation. We guided various college professors and researchers to do PhD projects. Also, We offer Ns2 projects for computer science students and electronics students under network base.

We conducted various implant training about Ns2 with an expertise technical staff. In that seminar, we explain about the introduction of Ns2, installation procedure to install Ns2, briefly describe about an Ns2 architecture and components, script method to connect with various network and how to produce an simulation graph. We practically conduct training for final year students under computer science and also electronics discipline. Based the training session, more number of students are interested to do their final year projects in NS2.  We also offer final year projects in Ns2 with less cost and providing free installation.


We developed various protocols such DSR, AODV, DSDV and more protocols. Also, We created a thesis with the analysis of various protocols and proposed new protocol which overcomes the existing protocol drawbacks in an effective way. Similarly we prepared more number of theses with Ns2 simulator. We achieve continuous with a regular clients feedback. In future, we design an efficient protocol under Ns2 simulation. More number of research projects is handled by us. We encourage and train final year students to publish their final year projects in conference.

Our main objective,

We commit student projects with the requirements, protocols, algorithm, Os, software and versions and completion time. Then we deliver projects with a mentioned time. After project completion, we run a project in student’s laptop. We explain and run projects till the student got clear idea about project paper and simulation results. Our main objective is to satisfy a customer requirements and ideas. Projects offered also by our research development team provide training, seminar, real time simulation projects, IEEE projects and Non IEEE projects. We also provide a list of latest IEEE papers on network simulation. When you interested also to know the IEEE titles contact us through mobile by 91 94 448 29 228 or send a mail id to networksimulators2@gmail.com.

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