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Ns2 Simulation Projects is an object oriented network simulator to simulate and investigate network demand. We also support NS-2 simulation-projects to develop new innovative schemes in networking. Also, We simulate various protocols in wireless network by NS-2 and also ensure optimum output for all simulation models. In this simulation we also provide network animator (NAM) to display simulation process. By NS-2 simulation tools such as Xgraph and GNU Plot we also produce unique data files.

Network Visualization Approach in Ns-2 simulation-Projects:

To expand animation and also multimedia applications in wireless network, we also implement a main research area called Network visualization.

We implemented this approach under the reference of Springer paper to improve the following factors are:
  • Increase visualization effect in high level.
  • Develop various algorithms also to detect quick modification in unknown structure networks.
  • Manage integration of network topology visualization topology and also network management.
  • Network Visualization technique embedded with more than modern network management function.
  • Multiple effect visualization use single visual tool also to visualize data.

Examples of visualization design and also network implementation are web technology development, 3D technology and also AIR technology in Ns2 Simulation Projects.

Secure Network Server in Ns-2 Simulation Projects:

To provide source channel among client and also server we used secure socket layer protocol. High overhead in server affect SSL performance and also server scalability. To enhance SSL Performance, we design system with enabled network servers and data centers ensure scalable and also proper performance.

By low overhead user level communication provides load balance among servers. Secure socket layer also with network enhance high model network security. To ensure data transmission with security we also require backend forwarding scheme and assigned with ssl- with- bf. By also this backend process which produce low overhead with good load balance n server process.

Neighbor Assisted Route Discovery Protocol in Ns-2 simulation-Projects:

We performed routing process also in more than 90+ projects in wireless network by Routing protocols. By Routing Protocol also in Mobile Ad-hoc Network we also find the route by flooding network with control packets. We specially design NARD (Neighbor Assisted Route Discovery protocol) for wireless Ad hoc Network which flood limited network portion. Neighbor node used as anchor points where as second limited flooding takes place also for finding destination node. We ensure capacity to reduce capacity to reduce signal overhead in route discovery process by NARD.

Finite State Machine in Ad-hoc Network-in Ns2 simulation Projects:

We implement finite state machine by also intrusion detection system in Ad hoc networks. To detect malicious node in network we use FSM method which ensure fast and accurate approach to identify node. Most of attack occurred in Ad hoc networks caused to drop routing packages and also make modification in incoming packets. We also offer NS2 simulation projects in Chennai with new technological ideas for college students around Chennai. We also preserve AD hoc network with multiple packet drop and packet exchange. Major task of B.Tech projects is also to identify FSM performance by NS2 simulation software.

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