Ns2 MAC Protocol Projects

Ns2 MAC Protocol Projects is a discrete event simulator to improve network performance. We ensure NS2 simulation tool as high speed and produce single simulation run among successive runs. Also, We offer in  various network models under recently developed protocol scenario. We develop Ns2 simulations which reduce redundant complexity in network for academic projects. Also, We enhance flexible simulation environment for large scale wireless network. We improve execution time by order of magnitude values and staging process. In which, We provide flexible framework for staging and tradeoff simulation process.


Body Sensor network is an important sensor network to sense important signs in human body. Signs of human body classified as:

  • Non Critical Signs.
  • Critical Signs.

We call critical signs as real time messages for Transmission within deadlines collided. We denote non critical sign as non real time messages which need best effort to deliver data. We propose on Demand Ns2 MAC protocol projects for Body sensor network helps to achieve real time transmission which is easily implemented by students. By OD-Mac we automatically modify super frame structure for real time scheduling and non real time messages. Such message in network requires bandwidth, network coordinator to modify beacon interval and it can allocate slots to messages.

Topology Control in Network:

To enhance node lifetime in wireless network we use best strategy called topology control. In a network topology guarantee network connection and coverage. We classify the topology control referred from Science Direct paper as:

  • Topology Construction.
  • Topology-Maintenances.

Topology construction makes algorithm to build less topologies. In this maintenance is a process modifies less topology from time to time variant. Topology maintenance takes various strategies to develop triggering criteria for switch network. Static and dynamic topology creation build algorithms for time and energy based triggering criteria in networks. We extend network lifetime in various wireless network by topology Maintenance technique. We also proposed more than 80+ projects in NS2 with topology maintenance technique.

Distributed Management System:

We also adopt Distributed management system which permit online delivery of multimedia data such as audio, video streams and used for large number of widely distributed clients. We use this system for M.Tech Projects to handle large media applications in large scale distributed network. It requires distributed server to interconnect high bandwidth communication network. We also use applied data in server as access pattern of media content. Also, We investigate media based applications also in distributed large scale system by NS2 in distributed server management system.

Multi Armed Bandit Problem Based Target Coverage Protocol:


We implement wireless sensor networks composed of tiny sensors with no constrained energy. We use multi armed Bandit problem based target coverage protocol in wireless sensor network which enable recognize node with high energy. Remaining low energy nodes are used for target network coverage successive coverage ensures balanced and optimized coverage for network.

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