Ns2 Multihop Wireless Network

Ns2 Multihop Wireless Network, A wireless network adopting multihop wireless technology without deployment of wired backhaul links is also called as multihop wireless network.

What is multihop wireless network?



Advantages of  Ns-2 Multihop Wireless Network

  • Easy to also provide coverage in hard-to-wire areas.
  • Rapid deployment also with lower-cost backhaul.
  • Extend battery life due to also lower power transmission.
  • Extend-coverage due to also multi-hop forwarding.
  • Enhance throughput due to also shorter hops etc.

Research Scope on Ns2 Multihop Wireless Network

  • Optimal Load sharing among RSs.
  • Design spectral efficient architectures and also spatially frequency reuse.
  • Provide fault tolerance also via multi-path redundancy.
  • Flexible placement of cell sites due also to fewer access limitations etc.

Sample Code for Ns-2 Multihop wire-less Network

# Main Program 
# ===================================================== 
 if { $argc != 2 } { 
        puts "Wrong no. of cmdline args." 
	puts "Usage: ns multi-hop.tcl -nn <numnodes>" 
        exit 0 
 proc getopt {argc argv} { 
        global val 
        lappend optlist nn 
        for {set i 0} {$i < $argc} {incr i} { 
                set arg [lindex $argv $i] 
                if {[string range $arg 0 0] != "-"} continue 
                set name [string range $arg 1 end] 
                set val($name) [lindex $argv [expr $i+1]] 
 $val(mac) set dataRate_ 11.0e6 
$val(mac) set bandwidth_ 22.0e6  
$val(prop) set pathlossExp_ 4.0

#traffic...make src talk to dst 
		set udp_(0) [new Agent/UDP] 
		$ns_ attach-agent $node_(0) $udp_(0) 
		set cbr_(0) [new Application/Traffic/CBR] 
		$cbr_(0) set packetSize_ 2048  
		$udp_(0) set packetSize_ 2048  
		$cbr_(0) set interval_ 0.0008  
		$cbr_(0) set random_ 0.96749  
		$cbr_(0) set maxpkts_ 1000000 
		$cbr_(0) attach-agent $udp_(0) 
		$ns_ connect $udp_(0) $null_(0) 
		$ns_ at 0.0 "$cbr_(0) start"

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