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Ns2 Wireless Projects – Wireless communication mainly implement for data transmission without any connection. It is also the one of the rising technology have many advantages than wired communication network. We also offer NS-2 wireless projects for B.Tech students with various technologies. Also We offer NS-2 wireless projects for both college students and scholars. It is also easy to develop and flexible to support various network performance.

Wire-less Channels:

We also use wireless channels for the transmission of data among users in wireless communication implement based on Elsevier papers. Multipath propagation is enforce also in wireless channel and offer less communication among networks.

1g Wireless System:

We use first generation wireless system also with various components and all work in analog techniques and the capacity is also very low and also low data rate.

Two standards of 1G wireless-systems support by us are:
  • AMPS: Advanced Mobile Phone System also use large cell as base station antennas.
  • ETACS: European Total Access communication System also in AMPS with Frequency range 25KHZ for 30 KHZ.

2g Wireless Systems:

It also uses digital voice coding and modulation also for data transmission. It provides various services such as limit data service, voice centric service and also short messages. We also support various standards in 2G system are:

Global System for Mobile Communication: 

It also works like a TDMA system. It offers network services such as FAX, short message service, phone service also with data rate 24.7 kbps.

USDC IS-136:

 United States Digital cellular System is also a reuse plan with wireless channel and also it support 48.6 kbps data rate.

2.5G Wireless System:

We support this system which enables high speed data communication. The Standards are given and also support by us are:

Cellular Digital Packet Data:

It supports both 1g and 2G also with data rate of 48.6 Kbps speed.

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS):

It works by GSM with data rate of 56 Kbps to 114 Kbps access internet through virtual private network.

Enhanced Data Access for GSM Evolution:

Modulation and error control techniques are improved with data rate of 384 Kbps.



3G Wireless Systems: 

Multiple services and voice data access are made possible with a single mobile. It support with Bandwidth of MHZ. We described more than 90+ projects in wireless with various technologies under Ns2 simulation.

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