Security-Constrained Economic Dispatch

Security-constrained economic dispatch (SCED) is a simplified optimal power flow (OPF) problem. It is widely used in the power industry. This chapter introduces several major approaches to solve the SCED problem, such as linear programming (LP), network flow programming (NFP), and quadratic programming (QP). Then, nonlinear convex network flow programming (NLCNFP) and the genetic algorithm (GA) are added to tackle the SCED problem.

It also provides the implementation details of these methods and a number of numerical examples. The chapter presents a new NLCNFP model of economic dispatch control (EDC), which is solved by a combination approach of QP and NFP. It also presents a two-stage economic dispatch (ED) approach according to the practical operation situation of power systems. The first stage involves the classic economic power dispatch without considering network loss. The second stage involves ED considering system power loss and network security constraints.

Network Simulator 2

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