GSIS: Group Signature and ID-based Signature-Based Secure and Privacy-Preserving Protocol

This chapter examines the problem of security assurance and conditional privacy preservation in vehicular communication applications. It introduces a novel security and privacy preserving protocol for vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs), called GSIS, by integrating the techniques of group signature and identity-based signature. Security problems are divided into two aspects: security and privacy preservation among multiple on-board units (OBUs), as well as that between OBUs and roadside units (RSUs), in light of their different design requirements.

Simulation is conducted to verify the efficiency of the proposed secure protocol for Intervehicle communications (IVC) applications with ns-2. An important factor that determines the performance of a security protocol is the latency utilized by the cryptographic operations in the protocol. The chapter evaluates the efficiency of membership revocation and tracing schemes in the proposed protocol. With the identity-based signature, the management complexity on public key and certificate can be further reduced.

Network Simulator 2

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