A clean slate design for secure wireless ad-hoc networks — Part 2: Open unsynchronized networks

We build upon the clean-slate, holistic approach to the design of secure protocols for wireless ad-hocnetworks proposed in part one. We consider the case when the nodes are not synchronized, but instead have local clocks that are relatively affine. In addition, the network is open in that nodes can enter at arbitrary times. To account for this new behavior, we make substantial revisions to the protocol in part one.

We define a game between protocols for open, unsynchronized nodes and the strategies of adversarial nodes. We show that the same guarantees in part one also apply in this game: the protocol not only achieves the max-min utility, but the min-max utility as well. That is, there is a saddle point in the game, and furthermore, the adversarial nodes are effectively limited to either jamming or conforming with the protocol.

Network Simulator 2

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