Web-based online embedded door access control and home security system based on face recognition

Smart home security control system has became indispensable in daily life. The design and development of a home security system, based on human face recognition technology and remotely monitoring technology, to confirm visitor identity and to control door accessibility has been reported in this paper. This paper describes about the implementation and deployment of wireless control system and accessibility in to a home environment for authenticated people only. A wireless network technique ZigBee based and image processing technique PCA based, dedicatedly make the security system alive as per the request. ZigBee module and electromagnetic door lock module combinedly operate the door accessibility, has been designed and developed.

Face detection and recognition algorithms, as well as a wireless interface are used to detect and identify visitors and send an email and/or an alert message about the current home environment status via GSM network automatically to the home owner’s mobile phone or any communication devices. The concerned authority can control the system through his/her mobile phone or any communication devices by sending AT Commands to GSM MODEM or by taking necessary actions for authentication through email, which is again password protected. Users can monitor visitors and control the door lock on active Web pages enhanced with JavaScript and HTML. This system finds a wide application in areas where physical presence is not possible all the time. The entire control system is built using ARM1176JZF-S microcontroller and tested for actual use in home environment.

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