WBAN Thesis

     WBAN Thesis is develop for students and research scholars at the stage of course completion. The aim of WBAN in medical application is to minimize patient’s treatment cost at hospital and monitoring of patient at all time. WBAN end user in this application is caretaker, hospital server, physician and emergency services. It is capable to detect chronic diseases present in human organs.

The major advantages of WBAN over medical applications are,

  • Immediate emergency alarm to caretaker based on abnormal conditions
  • Sudden medical precaution from physician
  • Support emergency services at critical situations
  • It is not necessary for a person to monitor the patient at all time
  • Detect abnormality from periodical measurements
  • Mobility support is ensured
  • Increase Quality of Service and Quality of Experience
  • Efficient management of measured data for future analysis
  • Age–friendly healthcare

    All the above mentione potentials in WBAN involve different techniques and algorithms to show better performances. A novel concept can be enriched only by a well-experience thesis writer working in this research domain. Our team is capable to create innovative ideas in WBAN and highlight the significant contribution in WBAN-Thesis.

  The recent concepts that are study in WBAN-Thesis are given as follows,

  • A competent practice for Group-Based on Cooperation of Symmetric Key Generation also used for Wireless Body Area Networks
  • An effective process of Anonymous Authentication designed for Wireless Body Area Networks also by Provable Security scheme [WBAN-Thesis]
  • The fresh function of Collaborative Link-aware Protocols used for Energy-efficient and also QoS Wireless Body Area Networks via Integrated Sensors
  • An inventive mechanism also for Hierarchical multiparameter optimization of dual-band wearable antenna
  • An inventive process of Objective-alternance optimization also based on wireless body area sensor network system
  • The process of Cost-effective design optimization function of a wearable wideband microwave antenna scheme
  • A new technique based on Buffer-Aware Resource Allocation Scheme by Energy Efficiency and also QoS Effectiveness into WBAN
  • An effective Enhancing reliability of emergency traffic also into IEEE 802.15.6 wireless body area networks system
  • A design function of Ergonomics also based on textile antenna for body centric wireless networks used for UWB application
  • The fresh function of On-body radiation also based on 3D-printed fold cylindrical helix (FCH) wearable antenna system
  • An effective usage of Miniaturized implantable patch antenna designed also for near-field communication at ISM band
  • An inventive performance also based on comparison of routing protocols for body area networks system
  • A study of Creeping Wave Propagation also based on in the region of the Human Head at ISM Frequencies [WBAN-Thesis]
  • An effective performance for Low-Power Digital Baseband Transceiver Design used also for UWB Physical Layer of IEEE 802.15.6 Standard
  • The fresh practice of Wide band implantable antenna operating also by MedRadio band intended for MBAN devices

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