Security issues and their solutions in MANET

A mobile ad hoc network is a dynamic network of mobile hosts that does not have any centralized administration framework. Nodes in this network are self-organizing that communicates with other nodes that are within the scope of that node only. Securing MANET is more difficult as channel is accessible to legitimate user and malicious attacker also. Nodes are free to move arbitrarily due to which the network topology changes frequently and consequently the trust among the nodes creates complexity of routing of data.

To obtain acceptable level of security secure versions of proposed unified security routing protocols are introduced. This report explains various security issues in MANET and explains few security protocols for protecting the environment from malicious nodes. Secure routing protocols for MANETs are usually derived as extensions of existing routing protocols. Security techniques and protocols are classified under 3 sections: Cryptographic techniques, Trust-based techniques, and Positioning techniques.

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