PJCT: Penetration testing based JAVA code testing tool

Security is the key concern for every system, network or application. Penetration Testing in Software engineering and System Security in Computer Networks are key areas in secure development of an application. Many approaches and research techniques have tried to address the issue of secure coding in development phase only. Rigorous approaches have been introduced in the treatment of security aspects in information systems. Penetration testing is one of the approaches for systemsecurity. Penetration testing helps to contradict the security aspects of the system.

It is technique of deceiving the hypothesis that any system, network or application is secure. Our study reveals that there are hardly any good quality tool(s) that can detect the vulnerable code in Application, so in this paper we propose a Penetration Testing based Java Code Testing Tool (PJCT) to check major security attribute of any given java code. The PJCT can detect the presence or absence of seven attributes, which we introduce for the first time to test the security of the application effectively. In this paper performance analysis of PJCT has been exhibited and also it’s comparison with other tools such as PIC et al. have also been demonstrated.

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