OdoCapsule: Next-Generation Wireless Capsule Endoscopy With Accurate Lesion Localization and Video Stabilization Capabilities

In this paper, we propose a platform to achieve accurate localization of small-bowel lesions and endoscopic video stabilization in wireless capsule endoscopy. Current research modules rely on the use of external magnetic fields and triangulation methods to calculate the position vector of the capsule, leading to considerable error margins. Our platform, entitled OdoCapsule (a synthesis of the words Odometer and Capsule), provides real-time distance information from the point of duodenal entry to the point of exit from the small bowel. To achieve this, OdoCapsule is equipped with three miniature legs. Each leg carries a soft rubber wheel, which is made with human-compliant material.

These legs are extendable and retractable thanks to a micromotor and three custom-made torsion springs. The wheels are specifically designed to function as microodometers: each rotation they perform is registered. Hence, the covered distance is measured accurately in real time. Furthermore, with its legs fully extended, OdoCapsule can stabilize itself inside the small-bowel lumen thus offering smoother video capture and better image processing. Recent ex vivo testing of this concept, using porcine small bowel and a commercially available (custom-modified) capsule endoscope, has proved its viability.

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