Internet of Vehicles Thesis

    Internet of Vehicles Thesis is undergone by our well–versed professional writers for M.Phil and Ph.D candidates. In this Vehicles is different from conventional Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network majorly based on their intelligence.

It is capable to tolerate with a composition of an environment consisting of multiple entities as:

(1) Users, (2) Vehicles, (3) Things and (4) Networks. Combination of these entities into an environment allows Internet-of-Vehicles to aggregate data, manage data and efficiently process the data even under large scale environment. Thesis in this research area can be focused in–depth over any one particular entity. A thesis is segregate into sequential chapters for elaborating a specific study in this research area.

Chapter Wise Thesis Contents:

  1. Introduction and Background Overview
  2. Literature Survey and Drawbacks exit
  3. Proposed Research solution and Experimental Analysis
  4. Summarization of Proposed work in Conclusion
  5. Future directions of this research

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   Interested in this research area, then define your particular topic for Internet-of-Vehicles Thesis,

  • An efficient performance also for wirebonds system based on global security drives innovation, supply and demand practice
  • An innovative method also for GSS-VC mechanism based on game-theoretic method used for service selection into vehicular cloud system
  • The novel technology based on to a greater reliability of driver/device communication around system life cycle through a contract-based on protocol specification scheme [Internet- of- Vehicless-Thesis]
  • An inventive mechanism for Robots as-a-service into cloud computing based Search and rescue into large-scale disasters practice
  • A fresh function of Efficient Forecasting Scheme as well as Optimal Delivery Methodology of Energy intended for Energy Internet system
  • The new-fangled method for LNSC also based on a Security Model designed for Electric Vehicle and Charging Pile Management  also in Blockchain Ecosystem
  • An effectual method also for Unsupervised Crowd-Assisted Learning Enabling Location-Aware Facilities system
  • A novel methodology for Accident and also alcohol detection into bluetooth enabled smart helmets designed for motorbikes
  • A new source function of Predictive routing intended also for wireless networks within Robotics-based test and evaluation platform
  • The new technique for IOT-based drone meant also for improvement of crop quality into agricultural field system
  • An efficient performance also for Advanced VANET information dissemination system used by Fuzzy logic method
  • A novel method also for a Practical Crowdsensing System designed for Road Surface Conditions Monitoring scheme
  • A fresh process of Design of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems used for Connected and Automated Vehicles also with Implementing Methodologies practice [Internet-of-Vehicles-Thesis]
  • An innovative method also on behalf of Enabling 5G Automotive Systems used by Follow Me edge-Cloud Concept system
  • A new source for Real-Time Awareness Scheduling designed also for Multimedia Big Data Oriented In-Memory Computing method

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