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Anomaly plays a key role in recent research areas, due to the reason of network performance degradation. Anomalies entering into a network damage the system and intend to create faults in the system.

In recent years it has been identified that nearly 70% of the anomalies are aroused from internal network, hence this is a major concept chosen by students. Look into the following to know more about Traffic-management – Anomaly-Detection-Projects.

Significant-methods-Use-for-Anomaly- Detection

  • Regression Model Based Anomaly Detection
  • Gaussian Model Based Anomaly Detection
  • Histogram Based Anomaly Detection
  • Distance based method
  • Nearest Neighbor Based Anomaly Detection
  • Support Vector Machines Based Anomaly Detection
  • Clustering based Anomaly Detection
  • Supervised Anomaly Detection
  • Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
  • Graph based Anomaly Detection
  • Kernel Function based Anomaly Detection
  • Semi–Supervised Anomaly Detection
  • Principle Component Analysis for Anomaly Detection
  • Markov Model Based Anomaly Detection

Valuable Ideas Listed Out for Traffic management – Anomaly Detection Projects,

  • A pioneering mechanism for Interactive Visual Analytics Platform aimed also at Smart Intelligent Transportation Systems Management system
  • The novel technique also for Maritime Traffic Networks based on Historical Positioning Data into Unsupervised Maritime Traffic Monitoring [Traffic-Management – Anomaly-Detection-Projects]
  • A fresh method for Deep Spatio-Temporal Representation designed also for Detection of Road Accidents used by Stacked Autoencoder
  • The new method also for Combating Insider Threats via User Profiling from Activity Logging Data system
  • A novel structure for Network-Based on Mobile Threat Detection system
  • An efficient mechanism for Detecting anomalies also in metro systems
  • A designing mechanism for Plug-and-Play CNN intended also for Crowd Motion Analysis based on Application also in Abnormal Event Detection (AED) scheme
  • The new technique for Enhanced Ultrasonic Flaw Detection via Ultra-high Gain and also Time-dependent Threshold manner
  • On the use of mobile crowdsensing also based on SafeStreet for an automated road anomaly detection and early-warning system
  • An effective performance also for CMD based on substantial mechanism intended for MITM detection into SDN system
  • On the use of Bayesian networks for Classification of network anomalies into flow level network traffic
  • A novel technology also for Industrial network anomaly behavior detection by exponential smoothing model
  • An effective method also for LinkScope based Near Detecting Target Link into Flooding Attacks [Traffic-Management – Anomaly-Detection Projects]
  • An original mechanism for Optimal Nested Test Plan also for Combinatorial Quantitative Group Testing system
  • An innovative method for Statistical Anomaly Detection also by Composite Hypothesis Testing designed for Markov Models


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