Heterogeneous Network Thesis

      Heterogeneous Network Thesis is prepare for research scholars according to the concepts stated in the research paper. In network provides end-to-end service efficiency and maximizes the spectrum utilization. This network is experimentally studied in several research papers.

Heterogeneous network extensively supports for the following applications as,

  • Military environment
  • Video streaming
  • Smart city applications
  • Home area networks
  • Smart grid
  • Aeronautical communications
  • Video conferencing
  • Monitoring applications
  • Device -to- Device communication
  • Machine –to- Machine communication
  • Underwater sensor based applications
  • Power systems
  • Peer-to-peer based applications
  • Multimedia applications
  • Health care environment
  • Shopping malls

    The design of heterogeneous network in simulation will be comprised of more than one cell type and more than one radio access technology. Heterogeneous is define as a detailed discussion illustrated for already determined solution in your research paper.

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   For your reference we have listed with some latest topics from Hetero-geneous Network-Thesis,

  • Towards measuring relevance of different-typed objects into weighted signed heterogeneous information networks system
  • An effective function of Optimal power allocation intended for multiuser OFDM-based on cognitive also in heterogeneous networks system
  • An effective process of Hybrid Backscatter Communication designed also for Wireless-Powered Heterogeneous Networks [Heterogeneous-Network-Thesis]
  • An inventive performance of Semantic Reasoning also in Cognitive Networks used for Heterogeneous in Wireless Mesh Systems
  • A competent Relay-Aided D-2-D-Based on Load Balancing Scheme meant for Multitier Heterogeneous Networks system
  • On the use of Rateless Codes based on Multicast Scheduling designed also for Relay-Based on Heterogeneous Networks system
  • A new process of Dynamic Small Cell Clustering and also Non-Cooperative Game-Based on Precoding intend in favor of 2-Tier Heterogeneous Networks by Massive MIMO
  • An efficient performance for Adaptive De-Coupling and also Multi-BS Association into Heterogeneous Networks system
  • The novel technology of Off-Label Drug use Detection also Based on Heterogeneous Network Mining scheme
  • A new process of formative Associations via Word Embedding interested in Heterogeneous Network also used for Detecting Off-Label Drug Uses system
  • An effective function of Modeling and also Analysis for Non-Orthogonal MBMS Transmission within Heterogeneous Networks system
  • The new method of Traffic Management also for Heterogeneous Networks with Opportunistic Unlicensed Spectrum Sharing system
  • An efficient performance also for Event-Based on Synchronization of Heterogeneous Complex Networks Subject to Transmission Delays system
  • A new technique for Mobile Edge Computing-assisted video delivery planning also based on wireless heterogeneous networks system [Heterogeneous-Network-Thesis]
  • A competent function of Conveyor transporting latency control in heterogeneous packet also based on network method

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