Wireless Sensor Network Thesis

    Wireless Sensor Network Thesis majorly concentrates on either one of the following process such as clustering, routing, authentication, congestion control, scheduling, attack detection, topology management and sink node localization.

A Network-Thesis based on clustering includes,

  • Cluster head selection
  • Cluster formation
  • Data transmission
  • Cluster management
   In Wireless-Sensor-Network several clustering algorithms were proposed they are listed in the following,
  • EEDC
  • HEED
  • TEEN
  • CCS

    The benefits on performing clustering in Wireless-Sensor-Networks are it minimization of energy consumption, scalable support for many number of nodes, robustness, reduce latency, minimizes overhead, load balancing, tolerance of fault, sustain Quality of Service and achieves efficient data aggregation.

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  Some significant concepts involve in Wireless Sensor Network-Thesis are list below,

  • A proficient performance for Topology propose process to increase network lifetime in WSN in favor of graph filtering also in consensus processes [Wireless-Sensor-Network Thesis]
  • An effectual method based on Radial increment also in WSN routing algorithm within deep mine system
  • The effective method of Leak detection in water pipeline also by means of pressure measurements meant for WSN scheme
  • An effective mechanism for precision agriculture also in white cabbage crops based on plan and performance of WSN system
  • The process of main concern based on QoS protocol also for heterogeneous traffic routing in WSN system
  • On the use of smartwatch function of WSN based also on industrial parameter monitoring system
  • The new technique of Energy efficient designed also for WSN via mobile co-ordinator in fuzzy method
  • An ingenious method of Design and test bed implementation of an energy efficient clustering protocol also for WSN scheme
  • Developing process IoT based on application of WSN also by 5G infrastructure [Wireless-Sensor-Network Thesis]
  • A new framework process of Mobile recharging with secured packet scheduling used for named data networking based also by WSN
  • A competitive performance of Co-operative push back streaming and also routing in WSN method
  • On the use of wide area monitoring also based on WSN method
  • A Compartmental model of Opportunistic signal intended also for power Efficient Optimal Clustering in WSN
  • An effective process of evaluate function also based on Sybil attack detection techniques in WSN
  • The new technology of wsn via multipath routing with priority based scheduling also for Improving congestion control system

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