Energy and Delay Constrained Maximum Adaptive Schedule for Wireless Networked Control Systems

Communication system design for wireless networked control systems (WNCSs) is very challenging since the strict timing and reliability requirements of control systems should be met by the wirelesscommunication systems that introduce non-zero packet error probability and non-zero delay at all times. Particularly, the scheduling algorithms for WNCSs should be designed to provide maximum level of adaptivity accommodating packet losses and changes in network topology while exploiting periodic nature of the sensor node transmissions. Creating such a schedule has been previously studied for an Ultra Wide Band (UWB) based WNCS.

In this paper, we extend the joint optimization problem of power control, rate adaptation and scheduling with the objective of providing maximum adaptivity for general WNCSs employing continuous rate transmission model in which Shannon’s channel capacity formulation is used for the achievable transmission rate. Upon proving the NP-hardness of the problem, we provide a framework for the design of a heuristic algorithm for scheduling and propose an optimal polynomial time algorithm for the power control and rate adaptation problem following the derivation of the optimality conditions. We demonstrate via extensive simulations that the proposed algorithms outperform the existing algorithms with performance close to optimal solution and average runtime admissible for practical WNCSs.

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