An robust recursive ant colony optimization strategy in VANET for accident avoidance (RACO-VANET)

VANET (Vehicle Ad-hoc Network) [1] is an emerging technology that enables the vehicles to communicate with each other. Nowadays, we see there are lots of accidents occurring. An effective way to avoid accidents is to provide congestion free communication between vehicles. VANET allows wireless communication between vehicles and the Road Side Units. In VANET, the vehicles are connected with each other to form a network. The vehicles can pass information within the network.

A vehicle can send a message to any vehicle which is present in the network or it can send a message to the Road Side Units. This message passing is done by using many algorithms. We use the Recursive Ant Colony Optimization (RACO) [2,26] Algorithm which is an extension of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm to route the message within the network. Though VANET is a powerful technology, it also has some issues that has to be rectified. Some of the issues are signal fading, connectivity, security, small effective diameter and so on.

Network Simulator 2

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