A review on secure communication protocol for wireless ad hoc network

The exponential growth and development in the wireless communication, Wireless communication technology gains an importance and can be used in extreme condition in very effective way. Wireless ad hoc network is one of effective medium for mobile communication having facility for the sharing of resources and it introduces new services among the user. Thus communication in the mobile network must be secure to protect the data confidentiality. A secure communication protocol is completely self-configured who able to create the network on basis of sharing various services without any large network setup.

It uses hybrid symmetric and initial trust between users for exchanging the initial data packets and secret keys which is used for encryption and decryption of incoming and outgoing data packets. The initial authentication is based on the initial key distribution among the network users and re-authentication is made after a new session start to secure the network i.e. dynamic authentication. For security analysis of the system and highlights the features of a secure protocol comparison is made between other ad hoc network protocols.

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