WBAN with IoT Thesis

    WBAN with IoT Thesis is also a time consuming task which needs more concentration and focus on a particular research topic. Proper construction and structuring of thesis requires the assistance of expertise thesis writers. In-depth knowledge and also recent study is needed in the particular area which is necessary to be written in your thesis. IoT support applications are Healthcare Environment, Smart homes, Smart Cities, Agriculture, Business, military and also others. IoT supports Healthcare application by the integration of WBAN also for designing several sensitive services to people.

WBAN with IoT Thesis are design to perform any one of the following process,

  • E–Healthcare
  • Wearable devices
  • Body Fitness Monitoring
  • Athlete Monitoring
  • Embedded Gateway configuration
  • Body Changes Monitoring (Blood pressure, Temperature, Pulse rate, Glucose level, also Oxygen Saturation)
  • Child health information
  • Monitor drug reactions
  • Ambient assisted living
  • Aged person monitoring
  • Wheelchair management
  • And also more

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   Hereby we list out some important topics in WBAN-with-IoT-Thesis,

  • A competent function of Federated Internet of Things and also Cloud Computing Pervasive Patient Health Monitoring System
  • A design progress of a portable telemedicine tool intended also for remote diagnosis of telemedicine application system
  • An effective process of improved energy optimized cluster based on demand routing protocol also for wireless sensor networks [WBAN-with IoT-Thesis]
  • The novel technique function of Real-time sampling rate adaptation derived from continuous risk level evaluation into WBANs system
  • A new developing process of Stetho-phone based on Low-cost digital stethoscope used also for remote personalized healthcare method
  • A new framework process also for health-care applications via Internet of Things
  • On the use of SDN-SFC also based on e-healthcare sensor network load-balancing scheme
  • A Design function of a wireless surface EMG acquisition system
  • The novel technology function also based on Wearable biomedical parameter monitoring system
  • On the use of E-card based on design and also Development of embedded web server for health care system
  • An effective IoT based system intended also for physical rehabilitation monitoring method
  • An innovative performance also for MDi based on data visualization, analysis and Acquisition system in healthcare method
  • An efficient mechanism also for Intelligent system meant for diabetes patients monitoring and assistance scheme [WBAN-with-IoT-Thesis]
  • The novel methodology function also for Iot based patient monitoring and diagnostic prediction tool via ensemble classifier system
  • A reative method for LabVIEW based on EMG and blood pressure measurement bio telemetry system

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