SDN Thesis

    SDN Thesis are guided and assistb y us to in order to complete your degree successfully without any delay. It is a widespread area which is applicable for faster performance, reliable and security aware network environment. Increased use of internet services for various applications creates large traffic and also involvement of attackers has been increased.

Some of the attacks that takes place in SDN are list below,

  • Denial of Service (DoS) attack
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack
  • Scanning attack
  • IP spoofing attack
  • Flow table overloading attack
  • Byzantine attack
  • Man- In – Middle Attack (MIMA)
  • Flooding attack
  • Eavesdropping attack
  • Saturation attack
  • Host location hijacking attack
  • DNS amplification attack
  • New – flow attack
  • Web phishing attack
  • Crossfire attack
  • Link flooding attack
  • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) attack
  • Packet injection attack
  • Link fabrication attack

      SDN is vulnerable to different harmful threats, which is significantly solve in several SDN-Thesis works. In-depth knowledge over SDN supports to complete a satisfactory SDN Thesis by our technical researchers. It is comprise about SDN and it novelty proposed. Till now we have worked with 500+ happy customers, due to our on time project delivery and profession results.

Few recent SDN-Thesis topics are given,

  • An inventive mechanism for Optimal Flow Rate Control designed also for SDN-Based Naval Systems
  • An improved Flow Table Management system also With an LRU-Based on Caching Algorithm used for SDN
  • Discovery and lessening of Congestion also in SDN enabled Data Center Networks method
  • A fresh function of well-organized Action Computation intended for Compositional SDN Policies [SDN-Thesis]
  • An innovative process of SDN-based Data Transfer Security also for Internet of Things
  • An effective performance of ENDEAVOUR also based on Scalable SDN structural design for Real-World IXPs
  • An effective design function of Programming SDN-Native Big Data Applications also based on Research Gap Analysis
  • A novel effective process of Survivable Virtual SDN Embedding Approach for Innovative Cloud Data Network
  • A new mechanism for SDN-based routing mechanism also in favor of cloud data centers [SDN-Thesis]
  • An innovative mechanism also for Regional fault-tolerant restoration in fiber communication based on SDN
  • On the use of SDN Approach also to Secure Cloud Servers against Flooding Based on DDoS Attacks system
  • A creative process of Securing Internet of Things among also Software Defined Networking system
  • A wide-ranging and effective method designed also for DDoS detection in SDN system
  • A new process based on examine of security and also QoS in SDN firewall by MAC filtering
  • An efficient function of Distributed High Performance Computing also in OpenStack Cloud over SDN Infrastructure method

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