P2P Network Thesis

    P2P Network Thesis is the most active part in our organization which reveals knowledge on both Research and Language. This P2P-Network is chosen as research area due to its merits as resource utilization, scalability, reliability and easier administration. Various applications support in P2P- Network are apply and test on real time communication environment. Anyhow every network will certainly include challenges and limitations which are study and solve in thesis. Our happiness is customers 100% satisfaction. We list out recent research ideas for P2P-Network which is reviewed currently by our expertise research team.


  • Trust and Quality of Service guaranteed Routing
  • Cluster based Routing
  • Fuzzy Logic for Routing
  • Super proximity Routing
  • Efficient Secure Routing
  • Virtual Ring Routing
  • Cross layer approach for Routing
  • Dual Mode Routing


  • Repair schemes to recover lost packets
  • Scheduling Schemes in live Streaming
  • Data Dissemination supported by Wi-Fi
  • Peer to Peer Network with Vehicular Network
  • Peer-to-Peer Network with Internet of Things (Support wide range of applications)
  • Instant messaging infrastructure (for Ad hoc devices)
  • Hybrid Peer to Peer Network Design
  • Self adaptive algorithm
  • Secret sharing (Homorophic encryption, Proxy re-encryption and others)


  • An effective mechanism for Buffermap adaptation method designed also for MP2P multimedia streaming protocol system
  • An innovative process also for implementation On-call-tutor system designed for facilitating peer-help activities also scheme [P2P-Network Thesis]
  • A new source for Proxy-Assisted Regenerating Codes also With Uncoded Repair meant for Distributed Storage Systems
  • The fresh mechanism for d-SHAM based on a Constant Degree-Scalable Homogeneous Addressing Mechanism designed also for Structured P2P Networks
  • On the use of RTC based on Web application also for social networking system
  • An effective usage of Uplink Resource Allocation also for Relay-Aided Device-to-Device Communication
  • An innovative performance for Decentralised voltage control with built-in incentives also based on participants in distribution networks
  • A new mechanism for Long-term Planning of Connected Industrial Microgrids based also Game Theoretical Approach Including Daily Peer-to-Microgrid Exchanges manner
  • The new-fangled mechanism for Coupling Degree Clustering-Based also on Distributed Model Predictive Control Network Scheme
  • An efficient performance for Dynamic Deployment and also Cost-Sensitive Provisioning intended for Elastic Mobile Cloud Services
  • A new source of Confident Information Coverage Hole Healing also into Hybrid Industrial WSNs
  • An innovative performance also for Social Big-Data-Based on Content Dissemination into Internet of Vehicles [P2P-Network-Thesis]
  • The novel technology for Peer-Assisted Video Streaming With RTMFP Flash Player based on measurement also by PPTV
  • A design and development function of P2P Live-Streaming Application-Aware Architecture aimed at QoS Enhancement also in the EPON
  • A new technique of GeTrust system Guarantee-Based also on Trust Model into Chord-Based P2P Networks

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