MEC Thesis

    MEC Thesis is a lengthened writing procedure execute especially for M.Phil and Ph.D candidates. Our qualify thesis writers are familiar on different research areas; also they follow thesis style and format accordingly. It is capable to assist real–time application based service for sharing in an environment where billions of devices are connect. MEC supports more than one Radio Access Technology (RAT) which is enable to create Radio Access Network (RAN).

Hereby MEC is applicable to be integrate with the following:

  • Software Defined Network
  • Network Function Virtualization
  • Cellular Network
  • Vehicular Ad hoc Network
  • Information Centric Vehicular Network
  • Cloud Computing (Includes all type of clouds)
  • Cyber–Physical Network
  • Big data
  • Fifth Generation
  • Small–cell networks
  • Ultra dense network
  • Fog computing
  • Cellular Vehicular Network
  • Social Network

    Combination of network explores the strength and achieves better performances. Thesis is excelled with our professional writers by delivering the proposed concept prominently. A Thesis is accountable to evaluate one’s knowledge and capacity in a particular research area.

Thesis Writing begins with solving a major problem in the particular research area, followed by paper publication. Our world class certified technical team maintains research confidentiality and on–time thesis delivery.

   Select your research area from the following concepts list for MEC Thesis,

  • A competent function of Collaborative Mobile Edge Computation Offloading intended for IoT over Fiber-Wireless Networks
  • The new process of Fair Resource Allocation used for Technique Throughput Maximization into MEC practice [MEC-Thesis]
  • An effective process of Data Offloading in MEC into Coalition and Pricing Created on by Approach system
  • An efficient performance for Vehicular Multi-Access Edge Computing within Licensed Sub-6 GHz, IEEE 802.11p and mmWave system
  • A new practice for Hesitant Fuzzy Based on Security Method intended for Mist and Mobile-Edge Computing scheme
  • A proficient function of Virtual Resource Allocation designed for Heterogeneous Services into Full Duplex-Enabled SCNs by MEC and Caching system
  • The new process of Dual-Side Optimization meant for Cost-Delay Tradeoff into Mobile Edge Computing system
  • Design and develop process of ThriftyEdge also based on Resource-Efficient Edge Computing designed for Intelligent IoT Applications system
  • An innovative mechanism for Selective Offloading into Mobile Edge Computing meant also for Green Internet of Things practice
  • A creative function of Efficient Content Delivery purpose meant also for Automated Driving Services also based on an Edge Computing Solution
  • A design process of MECPASS Distributed Denial of Service Defense Planning also for Mobile Networks
  • An imaginative practice of Human-Enabled Edge Computing also based on Exploiting Crowd as a Dynamic Extension of MEC
  • A design and develop function of 5G designed also for Vehicular Communications system
  • The new mechanism also for Auction-Based on Resource Allocation also on behalf of Sharing Cloudlets into Mobile Cloud Computing
  • An inventive procedure for Many-To-One Matching Game Method into Achieve Low-Latency Exploiting Fogs and also Caching scheme [MEC-Thesis]

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