Hybrid Topology Projects

          Hybrid Topology Projects are designed to analyze the betterment of a particular type of network. Network is the key to perform communication between devices via wired or wireless link. Our goal is to satisfy your requirements until completion of your final viva–voice review.

Projects are enable to obtain better performances in terms of following metrics,

  • This metric shows increase with respect to the performance of the algorithm used in the project. Reliability is based on working of the network in accordance to its initial specifications. Diagnoses of faulty device and removal of that particular device leads to improve this metric.
  • This metric shows the significance of network even when the quantity of work handled in the network is increased. Even if the workload of a network is increased, this hybrid topology is enabled to manage by additionally including devices without disturbing the network.
  • It is a metric that defines the supportability of a designed network to tolerate both high traffic and low traffic.


  • Hybrid topological network design results with higher effectiveness due to the design of network after analyzing the merits and limitations of each topology.

  For gaining more knowledge on recent topics in Hybrid Topology Projects, have a look over the following:

  • A design process of Hybrid capacitor discharge/switch-mode converter for pulsed applications: Topology and control design
  • An efficient source function of Hybrid Algorithm via Shape and Topology Optimization for the Design of Electric Machines [Hybrid-Topology-Projects]
  • An inventive function of Hybrid-Excited Vernier Permanent Magnet Machine by Homopolar Topology system
  • An effective performance for Hybrid converter topology also for reducing torque ripple of BLDC motor
  • The novel technique based On-board bidirectional battery chargers topologies also for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
  • A study function of Hybrid Five-Level Voltage-Source Converter Based on T-Type Topology for High-Efficiency Applications
  • A novel study for Comprehensive Electromagnetic Transient Simulation of AC/DC Grid by Multiple Converter Topologies and Hybrid Modeling Schemes
  • An effective function of Optimization and also comparison of hybrid-resonant switched capacitor DC-DC converter topologies
  • A design function of Buck-Boost topology based hybrid converter intended for standalone nanogrid applications
  • An effective process of Energy management into parallel hybrid electric vehicles exploiting an integrated multi-drives topology
  • An imaginative method also for Observer-Based on Consensus Tracking of Nonlinear Agents into Hybrid Varying Directed Topology system
  • A creative mechanism also for Fault tolerance capability of cloud data center
  • A fresh function of Seven-Level Hybrid-Clamped (HC) Topology intended also for Medium Voltage Motor Drives system
  • An ingenious process of Integrated Switched Reluctance Motor Drive Topology with Voltage-Boosting and also On-Board Charging Capabilities for PHEVs [Hybrid-Topology-Projects]
  • A new process of Topology and Capacitor Voltage Balancing Control of a Symmetrical Hybrid Nine-Level Inverter also for High-Speed Motor Drives

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