Cognitive Radio Network – Spectrum Management Thesis

    Cognitive Radio Network – Spectrum Management Thesis is an incredible service present from our organization to afford Scholars those are running out of time. Thesis is a full-fledge writing process perform also over a particular concept to highlight the better achievements of proposed inventions.

Communication is undergo in any type of network by utilizing spectrums, management of this spectrum is also one of the major concept focused in Cognitive Radio Network. Spectrum management is involve to attain user’s requirements with best Quality of Service, Quality of Experience, Throughput, Delivery Ratio and also Bandwidth. Cognitive-Radio-Networks – Spectrum-management-Thesis are also study to execute two functions:

Spectrum analysis

    This function is responsible to analyze the spectrum which is sense using conventional approaches like Energy detection and also Match filter detection.


    This function is also more significant in Cognitive Radio Networks since the number of available spectrums is larger. A best spectrum is also chosen for individual user’s communication to meet their requirements.

  Recent Spectrum Decision Methods Used for Cognitive Radio Network – Spectrum management Thesis,

  • Artificial Neural Network
  • Quality of Service driven method
  • Belief based framework
  • Graphical representation also based Decision Making
  • Biologically–Inspired Foraging also for Decision Making
  • Fuzzy Neural Network method
  • Threshold also based Decision Making
  • Game Theory
  • Multi–objective Evolutionary Algorithm
  • Transfer Actor Critic Learning Model

 Most Trending Concepts on CRN – Spectrum-management-Thesis,

  • An innovative mechanism also for Secrecy performance of CRNs with optimal source selection under impact of unreliable backhaul scheme
  • An effective mechanism also for Symbol Rates Estimation of Time-Frequency Overlapped MPSK Signals meant for Underlay CRN system
  • A ground-breaking mechanism also for Energy-Efficient Data Encryption Scheme aimed at CRNs [Cognitive-Radio-Network – Spectrum Management-Thesis]
  • The new technique also for Dynamic Spectrum Reservation intended for CR Networks into Presence of Channel Allocation and Reliability Analysis
  • A modern methodology also for Channel/Beam Handoff Control into Multi-Beam Antenna Based on CRNs
  • The new-fangled mechanism also for Stackelberg Equilibria of an Anti-Jamming Game into Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks (CCRNs)
  • An efficient performance also for Waze-inspired spectrum discovery by smartphone sensing data fusion system
  • On the use of generalized energy detector also for SNR wall used for cooperative spectrum sensing
  • An innovative mechanism for Covariance and also eigenvalue based on spectrum sensing used by USRP in real environment
  • An effective performance for Cooperative spectrum sensing also in full-duplex CRN with primary user activity scheme
  • The novel technology for Autocorrelation-based on spectrum also sensing of FBMC signal system
  • An innovative mechanism also for Double Threshold Spectrum Sensing Methods into Spectrum-Scarce Vehicular Communications practice
  • The new-fangled process of Performance analysis of superimposed training-based also on cooperative spectrum sensing (CSS) scheme
  • On the use of leading eigenvector matching also for cooperative spectrum sensing algorithm practice [Cognitive-Radio-Network – Spectrum Management-Thesis]
  • An innovative method for Slotted IEEE 802.11p contention intended also for overhead-free spectrum sensing into Cognitive radio-VANETs system

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