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Ns2 Simulation Thesis

Network simulator is used for simulation of various communication network performances. It is an important tool for network performance, protocol and topology. NS2 is a discrete event based simulator to modify and extend various networks. We offer NS2 simulation thesis in  for M.Tech, PhD and MS students. We ensure support and guide students to create thesis in NS2 simulation. Accurate data transmission is ensured by NS2 simulation. We create and explain thesis in an understood way. We implement new protocol, techniques and support user to publish in IEEE journals.


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Queuing Delay Distribution:

Statistical model ensure valuable information for various purposes such as traffic engineering, troubleshooting, network overlay and adaptive multimedia flow coding. By Queuing process we create queuing delay and network resource inefficiency. We use queuing delay distribution based algorithm for single sender and multiple receiver schemes mostly in academic projects.

Security Issues in Network:

We adopt dynamic and infrastructure less environment to ensure Ad hoc network function. By this function packet dropping is a great challenging fact in security attacks. Packet drap in Ad hoc networks are caused by attacks called wormhole attack, black hole attack, and malicious attacks. We deployed various schemes and techniques are processed in more than 80+ projects to avoid packet dropping are:

  1. Certification Based Scheme.
  2. Node Authentication.
  3. Incentive Based Scheme.
  4. Passive Feedback Scheme.
  5. Ack Based Scheme.

We can detect and prevent various attacks by network simulator 2. We provide various algorithm called entropy based reference broadcast synchronization to eradicate network attacks.


Parallel Packet Switch:

To enhance network performance, we use parallel packet switch with quality of service. Unicast and multicast routing protocol are improved by parallel packet switching. Their performance are evaluated by NS2 and extended with various updated libraries. We use various function and libraries in PPS and also it is implemented in Ns2 simulation Thesis. We provide thesis based projects in NS2 simulation.

Energy Efficient Protocol:

We implement protocol called cross layer protocol referred as location based energy efficient routing to locate physical layer, link layer, and network layer problems. We enhance packet reception rate and residual energy rate to provide an optimal forwarding. By Ns2 simulation we ensure LBEER which results in average end to end delay and delivery ratio. Most Ns2 Simulation thesis is developed by cross layer approach method. By this method we can eradicate various energy based problems and provide optimum results.

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