BIG DATA PROJECTS present you an all – embracing cluster of inaugurate impression to fulfill your blooming with resting on the branch flush. It survive a massive part, everywhere intellectual be capable on the way to get done a mental power divulge to the study works. Get nearer us among achieve innovative opinion along with make easy our wizard.

  • Sketching-based high-performance biomedical also big-data processing accelerator
  • Resilient distributed computing platforms also for big-data analysis using Spark and Hadoop (BIG DATA PROJECTS)
  • A comparative study of video recommender systems also in big-data era
  • Thoughts on the teaching management also for distance education by universities in big-data environment
  • Evidence Based health care system using Big-Data also for disease diagnosis
  • Optical flyways for handling elephant flows to improve big-data performance also in SDN enabled Data centers
  • Scalable graph signal recovery also for big-data over networks
  • Review based service recommendation also for big-data
  • Bigdata analytics also in support of virtual network topology adaptability
  • Designs of emerging memory also based non-volatile TCAM for Internet-of-Things (IoT) and also big-data processing: A 5T2R universal cell
  • Virtual network topology reconfiguration also based on big-data analytics for traffic prediction
  • Optimization of double-deep rack’s dual command cycles also based on bigdata
  • An innovative mechanism for  survey of data partitioning and intended  also for sampling methods to support big-data analysis scheme
  • A novel mechanism also for Secure Blockchain-Based on Data Trading Ecosystem practice
  • An innovative method for Big Data Analysis also Based on Network Behavior Insight of Cellular Networks intended for Industry 4.0 Applications system
  • Optimization also for service supply network base on the user’s delivery time under the background of bigdata
  • Application of bigdata also in cyberspace warfare   (BIG-DATA PROJECTS)
  • Big Data-Driven Service Composition also Using Parallel Clustered Particle Swarm Optimization in Mobile Environment

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