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Ns2 Projects for B.Tech Students

An NS2 is an unbeatable network simulator to stimulate various network designs and model system. We endow various models and libraries to support new network model technologies. We offer NS2 projects  for B.Tech students in network concepts interlinked with routing, security and communication. We bid various network applications with NS2 scheme. Different comparative studies for network are ensured for B.Tech students. We develop NS2 based network projects for B. Tech communication and computer science students.

Video Streaming Ns2 PROJECTS for B.Tech Students.

By multicast routing protocol, an important factor called video streaming is resolved by our team. We develop this technique with secure and efficient video stream system. It permits different users (or) clients within the home network. We use video stream over IEEE 802.11e to develop more efficient routing multimedia application. Granularity is improved in this technique by NS2 simulation. Various encryption technique and security algorithm are involved to attain a dynamic result by this system in final year projects.


Intrusion Detection System NS2  PROJECTS for B.Tech Students:

We use intrusion detection system to identify various network area I wireless mesh network attack detection with the combination of Ad hoc network and wireless local area networks. The architecture we constructed for wireless mesh network may be distributed or cooperative. Various new approach such as IDS in WAN are simulated by attack detection in NS2. It analyzed by various attack detection. It used to eliminate all behavior of network by deploying a security algorithm.

Grid Based Routing Ns2 Projects for B.Tech Students:

In wireless sensor network we introduce an effective scheme called grid based routing is used to measure transmission cost, distance solution among grid nodes from Acm papers. We calculate least transmission cost identified by square root of ratio among radio energy dissipation and amplifier energy dissipation. We declare grid based application in network because it requires simulation analysis for cost and energy parameter. It composed of sink node with multiple sources.By denoting cost and energy attribute we can increase the network lifetime.

Fuzzy Logic NS2 PROJECTS for B.Tech Students:

We rise fuzzy logic based routing algorithm for various routing scheme and to design a mobile Ad-hoc network. Routing policies are controlled and improve routing performance by fuzzy logic. MANET attribute are classified based on fuzzy degree membership. By simulation process, we can identify and measure fuzzy logic performance which increases performance of routing in Ad hoc networks. We implemented more than 100+ projects in fuzzy logic with Ns2 simulation in an optimistic way by our team.

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