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Ns2 Final Year Projects

Ns2 referred as network simulator 2 which is an event based simulation tool. We offer Ns2 final year projects for engineering students in wired and wireless Network. More students prefer NS2 projects for simulating packet Transmission. Performance evaluation, packet loss, graph construction for packet deliver ratio and constant bit rate which derived the concept from Elsevier papers. To design a networking code we implement C++ and object oriented tool command language. By using NS2 we implement wired network, wireless sensor network, wireless network and satellite communication network are implemented and analyzed by our Team.

Why to Choose Ns2 Simulation For final Year Projects?

We provide various features of NS2 for B.E/ B.Tech and M.E/ M.Tech projects.

  • Contain event scheduler and network components
  • OTCL script is used to control and schedule simulation.
  • Control path and data path are separated to achieve high efficiency.
  • Implemented network design by C++.
  • Object oriented, event based and discrete event simulation tool.


Advantages of choosing NS2 ( Network Simulator 2 )

Following advantages are ensured by our team. They are:

  • Testing Complex Scenario.
  • Use Time Frame For Testing.
  • Support Different Protocols, Platforms and Modularity.
  • Less Cost Equipment.

 Different Networks are implemented using NS2  tool and provide full support to your projects.

Pore Networks:

We implement pore network for fluid flow process such as oil, water and gas. To simulate displacement change from one configuration to other. Capillary pressures for every possible displacement network simulation tool are used. We also calculate checking trap in displacement, quasi static displacement. It plays a major role in porous media.

Multicore CPUs:

We provide multicore process in various projects. It is used to stimulate processor for analyzing parameters. Multicore CPU is used for fast processing applications. It also deployed in parallel computing environment. It enhance various process such as processor speed, parallel processing, multi threading and cache sharing application are implemented by multicore processor in NS2.



Cubic Pore Networks:

We implement 3D cubic pore Networks for computer program. Various models such as quasi static network model and dynamic network model are implemented in Ns2. WE can measure magnetic resonance and mercury injection pressure.

Anonymized Social Networks:

We also build anonymized social networks by considering network node as social network between two users are referred as edges. Personal information is hacked by malicious users in social network. To overcome the problem of Deanonymized network we use unknown identity for user name.

Bias Algorithm:

We implement bias algorithm to predict output format from given input data. By using this algorithmic does not given a reliable output because it consider as an assumption. Various forms are derived by Bias algorithm. The algorithm is used for conditional checking, machine learning, possible nearest neighbor information and cross validation error are implemented by us in various network communication. We described various algorithms in more than 90+ projects with Ns2 simulation for final year students in an effective way.

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