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EvalVid Manual

Evalvid is a open source simulator used for simulating video based applications.


  • It’s an objective quality measure.
  • It’s usually expressed in terms of the logarithmic decibel scale.
  • It’s a derivative of the well-known signal to noise ratio, which compares the signal energy to the error one.

MOS (Mean Option Score):

  • It’s a subjective quality measure.
  • Ranges from 1 and 5.
  • 1 means worst cast and 5 means best case.
  • MOS Value ranges between 1 to 5 and is well documented subjective quality measure.

Evalvid Manual to Install in Ubuntu system.

EvalVid is a simulation tool used to evaluate video file.Get to know about steps involved in installing Evalvid in Ubuntu system.Evalvid manual installing network simulator 2 projects.Guide to develop Project on evaluating video file using Evalvid tool with best suggestions.For more details contact us.


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