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EvalVid for Linux

why Linux platform is chosen for Evalvid installation over Windows?

Evalvid is a simulation tool for simulating multimedia applications.It’s can be installed on both the windows and Linux environment. EvalVid source code presents some errors. Probably, when it is compiled on Windows, that is, with Windows’ compiler, any problem occurs.Hence, when the source code are compiled in other environment, such as Linux with gcc compiler, this should give us en error and not a simple warning message.So, the Linux is an best and suitable environment for the Evalvid tool.

Concepts simulated using the Evalvid is as follows

  • Video transmission application in wireless network.
  • In wireless mesh sensor network, how to transmit the video’s in effective manner.
  • QoS provisioning methods.
  • Video application over multihop wireless network.
  • Telecommunication network.
  • Video streaming in mobile ad hoc networks.

Measuring parameters used in EvalVid Projects

  1. Jitter.
  2. Delay.
  3. PSNR.
  4. Packet loss rate.
  5. Frame loss rate.
  6. SSIM .

Video Demonstration on how to Download and Install Evalid in Ubuntu platform

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