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EvalVid documentation

In this section we are going to discuss about Evalvid documentation regards what are the information’s considered necessary during the  project preparation using Evalvid Projects.

  • Evalvid is a framework and tool for simulating video transmission applications.
  • It’s a gui (graphical user interface)
  • The Evalvid documentation is mainly focused on the discussion of simulating software, what are the OS’s are supported by this tool, or any other additional tools are needed for simulation, objective of the project, reason for introducing concept, benefits of their introduced approach etc.
  • Evalvid tool  mainly concentrates on for multimedia applications.
  • Evalvid directly installed on the Linux environments like Ubuntu.
  • But need additional supporting software like Cygwin for windows for creating applications in a network.
  • EvalVid tool is integrated with the ns-2. So, the projects look very similar in interface like  ns-2.
  • The trace file is the main file. In which the network configuration, number of nodes, wired or wireless, execution time for simulation information are all presented in a network.
  • The latest version of Evalvid tool is Evalvid 2.7.
  • It need some supporting libraries for successfully simulating the network simulator 2 projects.They are, ffmpeg, lifssl and gpac.

EvalVid is used to Simulate Following Networks

Video transmission on wireless network.

Wireless sensor network.

Mobile ad hoc network.

Wireless mesh sensor network.

Ad hoc network.

Parameters measured by this Evalvid tools

  • Delay.
  • Throughput.
  • Jitter.
  • Frame loss.
  • Packet loss.

Video Demonstration on how to Download and Install Evalid in Ubuntu platform

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